What's Kraken?

Monitoring your whatever...
alerting you wherever...

A Multi-Cloud Distributed monitoring Service

Monitor your... Whatever.
What's Kraken will alert you when there's a problem.

How it works

What's Kraken runs checks from a sea of monitors located across the globe.

Checking for changes in, keywords, ping, ssl, dns, tld, and more..

When there's a problem or something changes we alert your team.

What's Kraken generates a customizable static status page that is hosted on our global CDN.

Users can subscribe to incidents and be notified when updates are availble, even when your systems are down.

Public Status Pages

Keep you users up to date with a custom static status page.

Private Monitoring and Alerting

Be notified of issues that are not public.

Incident Management

Track your incidents and outages with our hosted incident management system.